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”Pacjenci mogą odzyskać zdrowie niezależnie od leków lub za ich pomocą” J.H. Gaddum
HTA 2.0 Europe – Teaming Up for Value

Join 600 participants from all sectors relevant to health,
including policymakers, payers, academia,
technology assessors, industry, and civil society at the conference

“HTA 2.0 Europe – Teaming Up for Value”
30-31 October, 2014, in Rome, Italy

Going over results of concrete collaboration practice across European borders among health technology assessment (HTA) bodies, regulators, researchers and stakeholders, the conference will address questions such as

•   What are the key achievements in the European cooperation in HTA that may impact national/regional healthcare
and meet their needs?
•   What is the present-day state of the interface between HTA, research, regulation and health policy making?
•  What are the current challenges and opportunities in getting effective technologies to the patients in Europe?

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The HTA 2.0 Europe conference is an official event of the Italian presidency of the Council of the European Union

Under the patronage of the Italian Ministry of Health



e HTA 2.0 Europe conference is orgnised as part of the EUnetHTA Joint Action 2 which has received funding from the European Union, in the framework of the Health Programme



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Ul. I. Krasickiego 26, 02-611 Warszawa, tel. +48 22 56 67 200 fax +48 22 56 67 202, e-mail: